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Monday, April 4th, 2016

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Lorio Ross Sterling Entertainment is the leader in the music industry for quality bands. We specialize in Music for Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals, and Private Parties. No matter what type of band you are looking for; whether you’re in need of a One Man Band, or a high profile, 14-piece High Energy Dance Band, a Tribute Act, or a National Touring Act, Lorio Ross Sterling Entertainment is the name that brings you the “Ultimate in Quality Bands” and delivers a wealth of 40 plus years’ experience at every show!

We cover every music style from Rock N Roll, Jazz, Funk, Motown, R&B, Swing< reggae, Classic Rock, Country, Disco, Blues, music of the 60s-90s, and even Top-40 hits. Our Variety Bands are all proven and well established groups that have performed in the most prestigious venues for a clientele of Fortune 500 companies that won’t settle for anything but the “best.”

We are especially proud of the select group of bands we represent! We insist that our bands maintain the highest level of musicianship, professional presence both on and off stage, expertise in audience interaction, strong three and four way vocal harmonies, and acquire a trained understanding of tune calling. Having mastered these skills, our bands will assure that your event will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Below is a partial list of the many Detroit based bands we have to offer:

1. The Jerry Ross Band
2. L’USA
3. Parallel Fifth
5. Skyline and the Backstreet Horns
6. Simone Vitale Band
7. Newsmaker
8. Persuasion
9. The Rhythm Kings
10. Rumpelstiltskin
11. Nightline
12. Dal Bouey
13. Sun Messengers

Give us a call and let us know what kind of event you are planning. We guarantee we have entertainment for every kind of evening.

How much does a good wedding band cost in Michigan?

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

As you can imagine, this is the number one question we are asked here at Lorio Ross!  Of course, the answer depends on several factors:

  • How many pieces is the band?
  • How far do they have to travel to get to your venue?
  • Will they have to skip breaks?
  • Is your wedding on a popular date?
  • How experienced/reputable is the band?

Each of these factors (and more) play a part in determining the final price for the band.  The ballpark for the best wedding bands here in Metro Detroit, and for the most part, throughout the Midwest, is $3,000 – $10,000.  Since that probably doesn’t quite answer your question, that range could be broken down into three main categories: 

  • $3,000 – $5,000 
  • $5,000 – $7,500 
  • $7,500 + 

Remember, this is the range for the best bands in Michigan!  It is true that there are plenty of bands that cost less than $3,000 (we have them if you need them!), but the chances of them being tried-and-true wedding specialists with top notch musicians get much slimmer as the price goes down!

Another popular question is “What is the difference between a $3,000 band and a more expensive band?”  In most cases, the answer is that more expensive bands have more musicians.  This allows them to perform a larger variety of music more authentically.  For example, a band with 2 male singers and 2 female singers is more likely to have someone who sounds like the original artist of a given tune than a band with only one singer.

Some bands just have absolutely incredible singers who are in very high demand because of the downright impressive performances that they deliver… so they cost a little more.  Other bands might include extras in their price, such as high tech light shows, or providing a sound system for dinner and toasts.

Tips to get the best prices for the best bands in the state of Michigan!


  – Pick a date that is in the off-season.

 The more popular your date is, the more likely it is that the band will get booked for their regular price.  If you pick an unpopular date, a Friday in late February for example, then the band will be more likely to negotiate a lower price because they know they might otherwise have the night off!

 – Choose a venue that is local for the band.

 Traveling long distances can add a significant amount to the final cost of the band, especially if it is far enough that they would have to spend the night.  In those cases, you are actually hiring the band for two days of traveling and one night of playing!  They have to drive all morning, play the gig at night, then stay the night and drive home the next day.  This usually requires more money for gas, meals, and rooms! 


 – Wait until the last minute.

 (WARNING: This one could backfire!)  The best bands are usually booked a year in advance, so if you really want a particular band, I suggest ignoring this tip!  However, sometimes they don’t get booked for a date until 30 days before!  When the band has a date open, the likelihood of it getting booked diminishes as the date gets closer.  Because most bands would rather work for less than not at all, you can get huge discounts on unbelievable bands!  The risk here is that if you wait too long, you could find yourself in a situation where all of the good bands are booked.  This method will usually be more successful on less popular dates.


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