Motown LIVES! And its name is “Band/J”

With world-class talent and effortless style, this party powerhouse transforms every event—from rustic winery weddings to luxe urban soirees—into larger-than-life experiences. You’ve never seen a band like bandj.

At a bandj party, you’ll have more fun in a few hours than you’ve had in years. Playing amazing events all over the Midwest, The bandj crew is a carefully curated combination of performers with impressive musical, vocal, dance and theatre experience. With resumes that include performances alongside the likes of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and Alicia Keys, the band members each bring to the stage a combination of unique talents. Together, they form a magnetic energy that will entice every partygoer to the dance floor. The bandj performances are designed to build momentum and end with a bang. With intuitive timing honed through years of on-stage experience, these performers are more than just musical artists; they are experienced artists.

The band knows exactly when to evoke just the right tune to keep the party going strong: from timeless classics to modern hits, from groovin’ funk to soulful, slow-burning ballads. And all of the singers’ performance chemistry is infectious, evoking the emotional delivery of nearly every fan-favorite of the past 40 years …from Bruno Mars to Frank Sinatra, and from the Beatles to Katy Perry and Beyoncé.