Motown LIVES! And its name is “Nightline”

Nightline is an interactive 8 piece band that knows how to keep the dancefloor packed! Richards MC skills create an infectious energy in the crowd that will capture and engage your guests from the minute the band hits the stage. You can see the bond between the singers as they interact with one another and hear the resonating 4 part harmonies, a result of much time spent together at weekly rehearsals. With a show stopping performance and distinct moves that reproduce the classics you love from Michael Jackson, EWF and the Temptations, through the hits of today; your guests will be talking about this night for years to come! When you combine professional singers who have toured with national acts like the Miracles, 4 Tops and Bobby Brown with a sound & lights crew, the level of entertainment is that of concert quality. If you’re looking for a dynamic band, everyone in your audience singing, dancing along and guests leaving with their shoes in hand, then Nightline is the band for you! Corp references include; Fiat, Chrysler, Autism Society, Ford Field, IKEA and Detroit Tigers.